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Pro forma Valuation Approaches

Jan 11, 2021

To go back to our first principles, we’ve got three components: time value money, opportunity cost and risk. Those are all in our desired discount…

How Two People Can See a Property Differently

Jan 4, 2021

Would a hungry entrepreneurial real estate investor that really needs to gain traction with investors look at a 5% cap rate as attractively as a…

Valuation Principles that Incorporate Financial Tools and Critical Thinking

Jan 1, 2021

When we go back to critical thinking, we have to consider what the property is. Is it a retail building, a motel, a hotel or…

Finance Principles and Tools for Building a Pro forma

Dec 28, 2020

Finance principles are a category of mental models used when assembling a pro forma. These include the time value of money, which is effectively how…

Pro forma Financial Valuation Analysis

Dec 21, 2020

The pro forma is a financial valuation analysis framework that basically tells you what the property is worth based on whatever you’re going to do…

Critical Thinking: The What, the Why and Implications on Property Investment Value

Dec 14, 2020

Investing, developing and managing commercial real estate is all about critical thinking by continually asking: “What is it? Why? And then what are these resulting…

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