A Commercial Real Estate Dojo

I started this blog as a Dojo for commercial real estate as a practice. A dōjō (道場, Japanese pronunciation: [doꜜː(d)ʑoː]) is a hall or place for immersive learning or meditation. This is traditionally in the field of martial arts, but has been seen increasingly in other fields, such as meditation and software development.

This blog aims to help educate and equip commercial real estate investors of all experience levels on the unexplained “how’s” of value-add investing in commercial real estate and mixed-use redevelopment. I will share with you our approach to value investing, operating, leasing and executing investments. You will learn where there are investing returns, how can you invest better and how to figure things out now amidst so much uncertainty.

I believe now, more than ever, we have to be open with sharing our knowledge in an industry known for its secrecy in only sharing deal closing announcements and accomplishments. I am happy to step outside of these norms to share both sides, reporting to you from the frontlines.

This blog is my way to openly share with you my ‘playbook’ so that you can reap the same rewards I am coming across, whilst avoiding the mistakes. I hope that coming in from an institutional investor, owner, developer and service provider standpoint is not only unique, but extremely valuable to you, and I feel right now during Covid that this is a true call-to-action for me.