Why Blog Now & Why Me?

Call to Action

From all of the disruption, destruction and financial damage caused by the coronavirus, I feel called to share my experiences and to do my part. The demand for mixed-use has been accelerated from the coronavirus and I want to share our attempts and solutions to help everyone get through this.


My goal is to get everybody, both private and institutional investors alike, on a plane where I am operating both institutionally as well as on a small and middle-market scale, to educate as many people as I can about investing and mixed use real estate.

Practical Philosophies

I want this to be a multi-faceted blog where I also share my life philosophies and the bigger picture. Family are important. Love is important and so are spirituality and meditation. I will openly share with you my philosophies across the board.

Why Me?

I am an owner and operator of real estate on behalf of third-party investors and I have my own money in each investment, so there is true skin in the game in everything that I’m sharing, doing, trying, experimenting, and then ultimately sharing. I have skin in terms of my own capital, time and that of my own investors which I view as even more important as people are trusting me with their hard-earned money.

I am out here figuring out what makes the most sense to add value, not only to investors as stakeholders, but also to our community, as whatever you do to your property ends up affecting the neighborhood. There is a congruence between creating value for investors and how that value is also a service to the community in the spaces that we create.