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Our Approach to Investing in Dislocation Opportunities (Part 2)

February 8, 2021

Alongside Market Dislocations, another form of dislocation we like to invest in are Property Dislocations. This is when we can identify risk mis-pricing or uncover hidden value at the property level that is not apparent to the market, competing buyers…

Our Approach to Investing in Dislocation Opportunities

February 5, 2021

We focus on small to medium-sized value-add multifamily and commercial mixed-use projects between $2-30 million dollars through our Fund I and syndication vehicles. Market Dislocations – We look for mispricing of risk in opportunities across (i) regional markets in Southern…

Finding Higher Risk-Adjusted Returns: Why We Invest in Dislocations

February 4, 2021

Our investment strategy is focused on capitalizing “dislocation” opportunities. What are they? Market dislocations are circumstances in which markets, operating under stressful conditions, cease to price assets correctly on an absolute and relative basis. Translated, this means assets perceived to…

Our Value Investment Pro forma Approach

January 20, 2021

The Yield-on-Total Cost approach factors in all of the feasibility, cost and risk that need to be considered on a project where you’re looking to add value. This is based on a simple formula: Total Yield or Annual Net Operating…

Pro forma Valuation Approaches

January 11, 2021

To go back to our first principles, we’ve got three components: time value money, opportunity cost and risk. Those are all in our desired discount rate of return which is then applied to the series of cash flows which reflects…

How Two People Can See a Property Differently

January 4, 2021

Would a hungry entrepreneurial real estate investor that really needs to gain traction with investors look at a 5% cap rate as attractively as a very wealthy established owner with a lot of real estate? The established owner is going…

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