Helping Landlords to Lease Smaller Commercial Spaces

For landlords having a hard time leasing smaller commercial spaces as part of their larger properties here are a couple of things we recommend:

  1. Create your own internal leasing flyer with more information about the building – including floor plans, photos and links to video tours – and ways to position it for different types of tenants. This can be provided as a supplement to your listing broker’s information.
  2. Send this to the tenant rep brokerage community using
  3. Host tenant rep brokers one-on-ones with event lunches and showings of the space so when their tenants are ready to come online, they can then show them the space. Focus on teams of brokers who have both senior and younger brokers and create incentives in the form of broker bonuses for them to lease the space.

All of the above aims to get brokers and target clients as informed as possible to engage further once the tenant is ready to plan their return to office.