Structuring Solutions for Commercial Properties

I think what differentiates our platform is that we create investment structures with partners, investors, lenders and community members to not only create alignment but also unlock property value.

How do you actually get multiple parties to agree that they’re going to benefit from an investment, and that from this, the result will be a larger total pie for everyone involved? How can we make 1 + 1 = 3 ? How can we leverage these partnerships in a property investment to in turn provide better outcomes for the neighborhood and community at large?

On the advisory side of things with BrandView.AM, we provide structuring solutions to owner-investors for all property types to unlock value.

1. Commercial Lease Restructuring – We are formulating more ways to structure commercial leases to get through COVID and grow each other, or survive and then thrive. What lease you sign and how you structure can materially affect your property value and capital structure.

2. Capital (Debt & Equity) Restructuring – Most properties have both cash and loans that make up the capital ownership of a property. How you buy a property and what levels of equity and debt you need in order to buy that property affect the outcomes of that property.

3. Property Owner Joint Venture Structuring – We can structuring property purchases in which we form joint ventures with the property owner in which they contribute the property to the venture in exchange for a limited partnership investment interest. This works great for undercapitalized, legacy property owners to have us bring the necessary capital to drive the execution and earn there % interest’s share in the value creation.