Why I Re-launched our Consulting & Asset Management Business, BrandView.AM

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated and disrupted the evolution of retail, but even more so, the need to adapt commercial properties and evolve of mixed-use properties. We now need the flexibility across spaces to serve multiple uses and multiple types of need from housing, office, retailing, selling, feeding, healthcare, extended stay, everything.

All of this is now pushed to the forefront. I formed BrandView.AM as a strategic advisor to solve the complex problems around re-adapting properties to this new environment. We also have expertise in structuring, whether it be the acquisition, the financing, or the recapitalization.

This is where we endeavor to provide value as a focused niche in providing strategic advisory and mixed-use consulting services. As a fully integrated firm, we can then provide asset management execution on our advisory and consulting recommendations to unlock cash flow, reduce risk and realize property value appreciation.